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The largest group of supers are those who naturally gain powers. Most of these people have powers that have effects that could be explained away as above average skill or random chance. Some however have unmistakable powers. Many of the these people go missing or otherwise meet accents that cut their lives short.

The origin of these powers are unknown. Some claim it is the next step of evolution. Others claim divine gifting. What is know, is that supers have popped up throughout recorded history.

When the origin of someone’s powers are unknown, he or she is classified as a Para-Normal.

The Pages of Para-Normal Life will record known Para-Normals and the struggles they face

A small number of people have gained their powers through experimentation or accident. This grouping is reserved for those who’s bodies have been biologically modified. Due to the small number of members in this group, It lacks a single name. Most of the time, they are called Superheroes, but as that is a much broader group, we will call them Bio-Mods

Those who have powerful technology – even those graphed into their body – are known as Tech Giants. Generally Tech Giants use technology beyond what we know about. Why they do not share their technology with the rest of us is unclear.

The line between Bio-Mods and Tech Giants is blurry at best. Many Bio-Mods have access to powerful tech, and many Tech Giants take “super supplements” to help their bodies cope with the riggers of Superhero life. Both of them are covered in Pages devoted to characters and stories. Should trends develop, they may get group pages

On Alien world’s, the concept of Superheros is known. Most have a smaller concentration of Supers, but some dwarf earth in the density of Supers they have.

Main Page

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